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Apartment Fees You Can Expect To Pay

If you have ever rented an apartment in the past, you are sure to know that there are a multitude of fees that you must pay before and after move in. But when you move in you should expect to pay a certain amount of fee. There are some ways to avoid them too. We have listed many common fees below and what you can do to protect yourself and even save some money. Remember that fees will vary from state to state, but some fees you can always expect to pay.

 Security Deposit

 This is usually the largest fee and will vary from one apartment complex to the other. The price of a security deposit is usually equal to one months rent. Sometimes the security deposit may be more or less than one months rent. There are certain rules regarding how much it can be. If you are curious how long a landlord can keep your deposit, check with your local rent board. If you have good credit, some landlords might be willing to reduce or negotiate down the amount.

 Remember when you move out there are certain items a management company can deduct from your deposit. Did you damage your apartment home in any way or was there a key/lock replacement? Also any delinquent rent will be deducted from the security deposit.

 Garbage/Trash Fees

 There are also many apartment communities that will charge you if you leave unsightly trash outside your door or near your apartment home. So dont pile your trash on the balcony or patio. 

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